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On Keeping the Beard

Question: Salam I’ve had people recently asking me the ruling for shaving the beard in accordance to my understanding all four schools of thoughts had a consensus that shaving is haram however I have read recently that the relied-upon position … Continue reading

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Beard Length According to the Shafi’is

Question: assalamualaikum, I would like to know what is the length of the beard in the light of Shafi’i Madhab?

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Did the Prophet only Keep His Beard for 14 days?

  Question: Salam. My dad was told by an Imam that the prophet Muhammad SAW kept his beard only for 14 days; is it true? Do any shafi’i books say so or do any Qadri silsla agree with the opinion … Continue reading

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Is it permissible to pluck eyebrows?

Question: Is it permissible for a lady to pluck her eyebrows?

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